Teach English in Chengde Shi

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Teach English in BAjiA XiAng, Chengde Shi
I think that the most helpful aspect of this unit was learning how to maximize the student's time in the classroom by allowing them to get the most out of the class
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Teach English in Banjieta Zhen, Chengde Shi
From the perspective of a Mandarin teacher in primary school, this unit helped me a lot in understanding different roles of a teacher and kind of students I'm teaching right now
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Teach English in Boluotai Zhen, Chengde Shi
After learning Unit 3 and watching videos about the ESA methodology and methods and techniques of teaching, I've gained a lot of knowledge on how to apply them in my teaching
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Teach English in Damiao Zhen, Chengde Shi
In this unit, I learned about the different past tenses, including the the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses
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