Teach English in Wuzhou Shi

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Teach English in Botang Zhen, Wuzhou Shi
This unit provides suggestions and tips for lesson planning, such as using lesson plans as a way to keep track of what students have covered from lesson to lesson as well as a way for a teacher to review, reflect, and revise ways for improvement in teaching the material
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Teach English in Cencheng Zhen, Wuzhou Shi
This unit reflects the subdivisions of the groups of students, like: beginners, individual learners, children, teaching ESP - English for Specific Purposes (and methodology of teaching, special techniques and possible problems that teacher might face)
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Teach English in Dalong Zhen, Wuzhou Shi
Unit 14 grapples with the choice of whether or not to use a course book in the classroom and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of both options
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Teach English in Datang Jiedao, Wuzhou Shi
I have refreshed my knowledge of tenses in English and clarified uncertainties I have from being exposed to the new e-language such as text speak which is now prevalent in media
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