Teach English in Anping Zhen - Wuzhou Shi

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This unit focuses on two of the basic skills needed to learn a new language. Those are reading and listening and they are considered \"receptive skills\". Motives for reading and listening may include doing so for a purpose or for entertainment. Examples of different ways in which we read and listen are also explained in this unit. One way is getting a \"general idea\" or \"skimming\" over the content that is presented. We also sometimes read or listen to every single detail in order to have the best understanding of the information being given to you. I learned that there are a number of things that may present problems to students learning English. These may include the size of the sentence or word. Ways to approached language difficulties are also outlined in this unit. Pre-teaching vocabulary and careful selection of texts are the two examples given. As a teacher of the English language, it will be my responsibility to keep the students interested and motivated. I will need to know how to get them excited about the materials that I am presenting to them. This unit does a good job of teaching us ideas of ways in which to do that.