Teach English in Hanhao XiAng - Wuzhou Shi

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Unit Four covered the best techniques for teaching three of the main parts of ESL teaching: vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. Since each of the three categories require different approaches, the section summarized how to use the different ESA structures for each category, for example, the Boomerang ESA structure is typically best for teaching language functions. The unit also introduced different examples of each lesson type for the three categories. From experience, approaching a new language and how to teach it is overwhelming in terms of what to begin with, which parts are most important, and how to be most effective in teaching each part. This section nicely summarized how to elect what vocabulary, which structures, and what language functions, then how to carry out teaching each in an effective, efficient manner. I feel that I learned more about exactly how to structure each section of language to help engage my students and allow them good ways to practice each part of the language. I also was reminded of how to select which part is most important according to the culture, purpose, and level of the students.