Teach English in Shuangyashan Shi

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Teach English in ailin Linchang, Shuangyashan Shi
In this unit I have learnt to distinguish between the four aspects of the present tense - present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous - and how to break these down in each of the three forms
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Teach English in Baoqing Zhen, Shuangyashan Shi
What I appreciated about this section is that it reminded me of the identifiable parts of speech, preparing me to teach students to also identity the parts of the English language
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Teach English in Datonghe XiAng, Shuangyashan Shi
This lesson covered topics relating to pedagogy: teaching techniques and the theory behind them, a variety of lesson structures and appropriate activities for each stage of the lesson plan, the importance of addressing errors, and how to give feedback in ways that encourage student
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Teach English in Dayake Linchang, Shuangyashan Shi
In this unit we learned about the productive skills (speaking and writing), speaking an English language needs an accuracy and fluency and for which accuracy based activities can be found in study stage and fluency based can be found in activate stage
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Teach English in Dianchang Jiedao, Shuangyashan Shi
This unit discussed the qualities that make good teachers and good learners, the different roles a teacher will likely need to assume to teach effectively, and the characteristics of learners in different age groups and skill levels
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Teach English in Fenggang Zhen, Shuangyashan Shi
This unit illustrates the importance of the various roles required of a teacher, the traits the teacher must have to properly execute those roles and what can be expected of various types of learners
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Teach English in Fengle Zhen, Shuangyashan Shi
This unit covered some of the most common challenges that ESL/EFL teachers face in their classrooms throughout the duration of the course and suggested a number of ways to deal with such problems
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