Teach English in Qitaihe Shi

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Teach English in Henan Jiedao, Qitaihe Shi
This course provide some coverage of the grammatical system & does include all of the most commonly needed areas that I am likely to find myself teaching in the future to come
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Teach English in Qiangken XiAng, Qitaihe Shi
This unit focused on teaching English to different and diverse audiences, from individual (1-on-1) to groups (mono and multilingual) and from children to business clients
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Teach English in ShuAnghe Zhen, Qitaihe Shi
Just as teachers need to consider the English level of the students, teachers must also go deeper to take into account the students' needs, goals, and classrooms dynamic
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Teach English in Tiexi Jiedao, Qitaihe Shi
This unit focused on the different aspects of language - vocabulary, grammar, and function - their importance, what students need to understand, and appropriate methods for each stage of the lesson
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Teach English in Woken Zhen, Qitaihe Shi
Establishing a rapport amongst the students and between the students and teacher is foremost, afterwards application and management of the class in accordance with their skill levels, their ability to absorb the lesson content and keeping the students in the right direction and right pace is the responsibility of the teacher
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