Teach English in Langfang Shi

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Teach English in Antoutun Zhen, Langfang Shi
Unit 2 lists and explains nine parts of speech in our study of English language including the noun, the verb, the adjective, the adverb, the article, the gerund, the pronoun, the preposition and the conjuntion, which is quite helpful in our recognition and classification of each sentence
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Teach English in Bazhou Zhen, Langfang Shi
Upon reflection, I did not enjoy either video presentation although, yes, the second was more effective than the first, primarily because the teacher was more casual, friendly and interactive with his students
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Teach English in Donggugang Zhen, Langfang Shi
Unit 13 Teaching pronunciation and phonology focusses in proper way of speaking words basing in native English speakers though there are other ways of pronunciation and speaking depending on the message of the speaker and their culture
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Teach English in Geyucheng Zhen, Langfang Shi
This unit informs the reader that although some linguists might argue that only two tenses exist in the English language, which are the past tense and the present tense, teachers of EFL are better off understanding English grammar through 12 distinct tenses which are used to talk about content occurring within three different times, which are past, present and future
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