Teach English in Fuzhou Shi

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Teach English in Feizhu Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
As a native speaker you don't really think about the tenses of the English language, with this unit it makes you aware of how a foreign language learner may perceive English
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Teach English in FengshAn Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
It is critical to not only know the different forms of the present tense, but to be able to recognize and address common student errors in the present tense
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Teach English in GAofu Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
In this unit we covered the two classifications of learning materials, created and authentic, as well as how to select a textbook if given the opportunity along with its advantages and disadvantages
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Teach English in GAoshAn Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
In this unit I have learnt about the the appropriate business etiquette and cultural nuances as it relates to teaching Business English in other countries
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Teach English in GushAn Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
A great unit! It is really interesting for me to consider when people apply different skills and to what purpose and to get a whole unit focusing on this subject was positively surprising
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Teach English in GuxiJiedao, Fuzhou Shi
This was very useful i would say for anyone that has not done much teaching before or haven't been to school in a very long time therefore very useful with regards to more modern teaching equipment and different ways it can be used
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Teach English in Hangbu Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Having read this unit, we can talk about two types of media dissociated in a language class: textbooks and authentic documents of any kind: the Internet, audio, video, images, texts, songs, advertisements, etc
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