Teach English in Fuzhou Shi

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Teach English in QiawAn Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
In this unit I have learnt about the materials that can be used in an English class, for example a course book, authentic materials and created materials
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Teach English in Qiligang Kenzhichang, Fuzhou Shi
Coursebooks and lesson materials are very important for every good teacher to drill their students, this unit explain about the authentic materials and the creative materials, after using the authentic materials the teacher needs to create his own materials to suit the level of the students (creative materials)
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Teach English in Qingliang Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
this unit me about the teaching of a new vocabulary, how students relate to it, what vocabulary is suitable or not, the factors that relevant or not to teach what is considered as language function
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Teach English in Qingni Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
This unit is about using a course book, supplementing, omitting, replacing or adjusting the material covered within it for the benefit of the students
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Teach English in Qiuxi Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
It is important to consider the context within which specific materials will be used, educators need to consider what materials they should, what books and what methods
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Teach English in Shangjie Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
This unit explains the various aspects of class management, including seating, establishing rapport, ensuring that students are motivation and maintaining discipline
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Teach English in Shangtang Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Finding out the best course book to use with individual students or groups of students is one of the most difficult part of teaching a good lesson, when you find the right book adapted to the needs of each student you have done more than an half of a lesson
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