Teach English in Fuzhou Shi

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Teach English in Dagang Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
This unit provided a brief overview of the different types of materials that are used in the classroom: coursebooks, authentic materials, and created materials
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Teach English in DaifAng Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Having a course book for a teacher it can make his a lot a lot easier, because now the students can interact with the book and usually get more involved with the class, but it has to be used the right way, teachers often when find themselves with a course books start to get a little lazy, and sometimes by doing that can make students feel bored and not interested
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Teach English in Dongguan Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
This unit effective outlines the major differences in created and authentic material as well as course books and how they can all be used to generate an effective lesson plan
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Teach English in Dongyang XiAng, Fuzhou Shi
This unit discussed the four types of the past tenses which are the past simple, past continuous,past perfecct and past perfect continuous,examples and right usage
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