Teach English in Fuzhou Shi

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Teach English in Luohu Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Authentic materials Created materials: Crosswords, Word search puzzles, Role-play cards, Flashcards, Gap fill activities, Picture stories Course books: advantages, disadvantages, best use
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Teach English in Luozhen Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Authentic materials: not graded for level why use- They are real and therefore more interesting and motivating Students gain confidence when they understand them They can be geared to the interests of a particular group of students Created materials: graded to the level of the stus
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Teach English in Ma'An Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
A good course book provides us with a well-prepared and tested syllabus, but that does not mean a teacher should use only the course book during lessons, as that would make the lessons dull and predictable
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Teach English in Mawei Zhen, Fuzhou Shi
Using authentic material will always be a great way to get English language students to approach the language not only on a foreign language learning perspective, but also on a native speaker's one
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Teach English in Nanfeng Gongye Yuanqu, Fuzhou Shi
Coursework is good for students who may have missed a class or what to ensure they understand what was taught in the class, however the information in the course book can be adapted to the class and their abilities
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Teach English in Nanjie Jiedao, Fuzhou Shi
This unit was very helpful in introducing me to a broad range of teaching methods in TEFL and then gave many useful examples of teaching exercises and theories in the Engage Study Activate method
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