Teach English in Dongguan Shi

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Teach English in Changping Zhen, Dongguan Shi
Unit 14 Overview This unit examines the advantages and disadvantages of English course books, lesson materials, and what English teachers can do to improve their lessons
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Teach English in Dalang Zhen, Dongguan Shi
Unit 13 Overview Mastering grammar, having a good knowledge of vocabulary, being able to read and write well, that is what I was mostly taught in my country
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Teach English in Hengli Zhen, Dongguan Shi
Unit 11 ? Teaching Receptive Skills: reading and listening A concise overview of the 11th unit: ? Reasons for reading and listening ? How we read and listen ? Problems with listening and reading ? Language ? Topics ? Create interest ? Tasks ? Outline of a typical receptive skills lesson (Patchwork) There are four basic skills in any language: receptive skills ? reading and listening, and productive skills ? speaking and writing
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Teach English in HuangjiAng Zhen, Dongguan Shi
Unit 16 covers two potentially difficult areas of English grammar?conditionals and reported speech?and looks over their basic forms and usages, potential problem areas and some possible teaching ideas
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Teach English in Humen Zhen, Dongguan Shi
Unit 4 Teaching New Language: vocabulary, grammar, and functions The study and teaching of grammar and vocabulary are usually structured as straight arrow lessons, whereas functions are often taught as boomerang and patchwork framework
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Teach English in Liaobu Zhen, Dongguan Shi
This lesson unit dealt with troubleshooting in the classroom and how to deal with certain difficulties that a teacher may face in the classroom, namely reluctant students, use of native language in the classroom, difficulties regarding listening texts, as well problems which may arise from dealing with large or mixed-level classes, and even first lessons
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Teach English in ShAtian Zhen, Dongguan Shi
There are seven most common forms of the future tense: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple, and the present continuous
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