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Task Sheet for Unit 13 (Pronunciation) Task 1: Why teach pronunciation? a) Nearly all students consider it very important, even most important. b) Teachers may think it hopeless. Task 2: ways to teach stress & rhythm: a) By gesture (clapping, tapping, clicking? b) Choral work: chanting or singing typical rhythms? c) Writing on board with underlining or stress marks d) Sharing the basic rules: - For 2-syllable nouns, stress first syllable - For 2-syllable verbs, stress last syllable - Words ending in ?ic, penultimate - Words ending in -sion/-tion, 3rd to last; same for ?cy, -ty, -phy, -gy - Same for words ending in ?ive, or in in ?al. - For compound nouns, first syllable - For compound verbs, last syllable - For compound adjectives, first syllable of 2nd word Task 3: different intonation, different meaning (rise/fall vs fall/rise) a) I?m going to tell you a story: - rise/fall: matter of fact - fall/rise: question, sarcasm b) She?s not going out tonight, is she? - rise/fall: matter of fact - fall/rise: shock, surprise c) I don?t understand - rise/fall: matter of fact - fall/rise: serious concern d) Goodnight! - rise/fall: calm farewell - fall/rise: anger? Task 4: stressed syllables a) I know why he wanted to see you. b) What?s the time? c) Don?t forget to turn out the light! d) It?s another beautiful day today. Un-stressed syllables: a) Once upon a time, there was an old woman. b) In light of the above statement, I shall abstain from voting. c) Good morning. How can I help you? d) I?m away for the rest of the week. Task 5: different stress, different meaning. a) I didn?t want to hurt you. b) I didn?t want to hurt you. c) I didn?t want to hurt you. d) I didn?t want to hurt you. e) I didn?t want to hurt you. Task 6 ? How/why can student?s pronunciation affect communication quality? a) Lack of confidence about being understood b) Inability of listener to understand c) Reticence to even try more than basic conversation Task 7 ? ways words sounds join a) Linking: Wanna, gonna b) Sound dropping: c) Sound changing: Gramma d) Extra lettering: Georgia-er e) Identical sounds: Grade A, great day Task 8 ? benefits in students learning phonemic alphabet: a) They can more easily discern pronunciation from dictionaries b) They can eliminate confusion in pronunciation caused by spelling inconsistencies eg, enough, bough, etc. Task 9 ? ?translating? the Int?l Phonemic Alphabet passage: What?s the matter, Bubu My tummy hurts and feels really big. Why ? what?ve you been doing? I think I?ve been eating too much honey. Have you considered going on a diet? No I haven?t. Do you think I should? You?re very fat, so yes. Thanks for the advice. Anytime, my friend. See you later. Bye