Teach English in Zhongshan Shi

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Teach English in Banfu Zhen, Zhongshan Shi
I truly feel that I have learned many aspects of the relationship between the teacher and students,the manner in which a teacher should handle different situations and different students, when to take on different roles as a teacher when needed or sometimes wanted
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Teach English in Guzhen Zhen, Zhongshan Shi
Unit 1 is about the basic roles and attributes of teacher and learner in the classroom, these perimeters are based on influences such as learners age, language exposure/awareness, cultural influences, motivation or reason for learning, nervousness with approach to English, behavior issues (found more in young learners), life experience with learning and language exposure can affect type of teaching approaches and learning modification, and teaching approaches
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Teach English in Huoju KAifAqu, Zhongshan Shi
modal verbs: modal verbs can be used to express to augment the main verb and express ideas such as: Obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, and advice
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Teach English in Minzhong Zhen, Zhongshan Shi
As I was studying Unit 3, I did a lot reflection on how I really learned (or should I say, \"re-learned\") the English language in first and second grade after I had just returned to the US at age 6 after living 2 years in another country
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Teach English in Nanlang Zhen, Zhongshan Shi
This unit discussed the past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous), provided activities for each tense, and described common errors and/or difficulties that one might encounter in the classroom
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