Teach English in Yulin Shi

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Teach English in Baiwanzi Zhen, Yulin Shi
In this unite , I learnt that although course books plays a very important role and it has many advantages , but we should not completely rely on course book ,because it also has many disadvantages
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Teach English in Chengnan Jiedao, Yulin Shi
As a trained teacher who has worked with dyslexic and special education students I understand the difficulty in finding time for a student to write-especially in creative writing
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Teach English in Daba Zhen, Yulin Shi
This unit talks about several special groups, which include beginners, young English learners, English learners in the industry, as well as multilingual and monolingual groups, that an instructor may encounter when teaching English as a second language
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Teach English in Dabaodang Zhen, Yulin Shi
At the school where I am planning to teach after completing this training, one of the things we are grappling most with is which materials are right for our program
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