Teach English in Jieyang Shi

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Teach English in Chuanpu Zhen, Jieyang Shi
This unit discussed the various teaching aids that are usually available to teachers and was very useful in highlighting what each aid is used best for and what to be aware of when using the aids in lessons
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Teach English in Daba Zhen, Jieyang Shi
This unit is mostly descriptive in that it describes what a teacher is, the role expected of his or her, and the general and expected characteristics
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Teach English in Dongxing Jiedao, Jieyang Shi
To me one of the most apparent differences between teaching young learners and adult learners of Business is the level of initial difficulty involved from the perspective of new teachers
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Teach English in Dongyuan Zhen, Jieyang Shi
The Parts of Speech unit made me consider the vast complexity of explaining to a learner the building blocks of an English language in an approachable, clear and encouraging way
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Teach English in GAotian Nongchang, Jieyang Shi
The unit takes a detailed examination of modal auxilliary verbs and the passive voice, focusing on basic rules, usages with example though a simplified chart and teaching ideas
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Teach English in Guangtai Zhen, Jieyang Shi
The unit introduces the four basic skills in English language; reading, listening, speaking and writing classified under receptive for reading and listening skills and productive for speaking and writing skills
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Teach English in Guiling Zhen, Jieyang Shi
The ITTT Teaching of English to Young Learners aims to develop critical and analytical thinkers who will decide on their methodologies after careful consideration of a range of theories
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