Teach English in Denggang Zhen - Jieyang Shi

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This unit has clarified further the teaching and learning aspects of the course and industry. Highlighting the positive and negative aspects from the perspective of both teacher and student. When taking part in one to one and group teaching scenarios. And how best to organize those scenarios, and what possibilities might arise when working in the various places of business English study. It has also provided good insight into the advantages and disadvantages to those scenarios from the perspectives of both teacher and student. As well as bringing to attention the advantages and disadvantages of teaching adults over children. And how sometimes adults have more to cope with personally, which can have an impact on their efforts and capabilities throughout course time. Attention was also brought to the likelihood that adults will be mostly if not entirely be making up the majority of classes for business English studies. And what kind of business aspects are categorized into the receptive and productive parts of business English learning. After this the various and varied roles of the teacher were also highlighted. Showing how sometimes the teacher will have to act as a policeman to keep students in order. Or offer council to other students in cases for, which they may seek help and advice. Or even offer psychological support to students with emotional problems. In addition to the more regular and expected duties of instructor, facilitator. Depending on the needs of the lesson. Thereafter, time was given to the different teaching philosophies and methodologies that have been developed over time and by whom, and how each system works. Highlighting its targeted advantages and strategies for delivery. And how some teaching developments and strategies were actually a response to previous criticisms or observations of past philosophies and methodologies. Therefore how, choosing any particular methodology might and can provide alternative advantages over other certain philosophies, in certain circumstances.