Teach English in Ha'erbin Shi — Harbin

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Teach English in Changling Jiedao, Ha'erbin Shi — Harbin
4 things students must do to learn a language: - Be exposed to it - Understand its meaning - Understand how it?s constructed - Be able to practice & produce it Ease/difficulty of vocab learning: - Similarity to L1 - Similarity to Eng words already known - Spelling & pronunciation - Appropriacy (to student & task) Criteria for selecting vocab: - Appropriacy to students - Appropriacy to task - Frequency and coverage - Teachability What they need to know: - Meaning, use, - word grammar, - how it interacts, - Spelling, - Pronunciation Key aspects of grammatical structure: - Meaning - Use - Forms & patterns - Differences between spoken & written forms
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Teach English in ChangshAn XiAng, Ha'erbin Shi — Harbin
Past simple is used for a past action when the time is given when the time is asked about when the action clearly took place at a definite time despite unmentioned and sometimes becomes definite due to a question and answer in the present perfect
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