Teach English in Chongzuo Shi

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Teach English in TuokAn XiAng, Chongzuo Shi
While this unit discusses the different equipment and teaching aid, I got a better idea of when it is appropriate to use a certain equipment when conducting a class
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Teach English in WushAn XiAng, Chongzuo Shi
Unit 3 covers the essential teaching theories, methods and techniques that have been utilized and developed over the years - ranging from the original classical approach used in the 1700's to the more recent ESA methodology introduced in the late 1990's
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Teach English in Xinning Zhen, Chongzuo Shi
This unit, managing classes, covers strategies methods and techniques for organizing and managing the class such as what roles to take depending on the activity and situation and how to maintain discipline while also keeping the environment relaxed
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Teach English in Zhai'An XiAng, Chongzuo Shi
Unit 15 discusses the different ways students' levels and progress students are evaluated, and some of the common external exams teachers may need to prepare students for
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Teach English in Zhubu XiAng, Chongzuo Shi
Production skills in this context are speaking and writing and both these skills require a level of accuracy and fluency ? the correctness according to grammar and the ability to speak fluently, respectively
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Teach English in Zuozhou Zhen, Chongzuo Shi
I started studying the unit with the title methodology, at the beginning I got a little confused, because what is on the text is talking about some techniques, methods and mentioning probably some theories (There is no place where is saying whose theory or hypothesis is, and the year of implementation, only on the video), so if we check the definition of methodology we are not looking for it
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