Teach English in Zhongdong Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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I found this unit to be a great way to start the course. By breaking down the traits that make a \"good\" teacher or a \"good\" student allowed me to look at myself (at a teacher and a student), but also motivated me. Certain traits such as willingness to learn or a teacher's ability to involve all students sets off triggers to keep these ideas in mind as I set off in my teaching career. Other traits for a teacher include good rapport, patience, and ability to motivate. For students, traits include acceptance of errors, and a want to ask questions. The Unit also covers the different roles for teachers. Teacher roles include class manager, facilitator, monitor, and model, among others. A very helpful part of the unit was the bringing to light the different types of students. Students can be young, which can be subdivided into three different categories and carry different challenges and positives. Students can also be adults, who bring their own experiences and expectations. All these type of learners fall into different categories on the language spectrum, from beginners, who have little or no English understanding to advanced learners, who have a strong grasp of grammar and vocabulary. The unit ends with a section on motivation which exemplifies the importance of motivation in students as well as teachers.