Teach English in Wuwei Shi

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Teach English in Anyuan Zhen, Wuwei Shi
Modal auxiliary verbs: They include can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, should, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn?t, and ought
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Teach English in ChengguAn Jiedao, Wuwei Shi
Task Sheet for Unit 19 (Special Groups) Task 1 ? Different categories of beginner students: a) Absolute beginner ? no English at all b) False beginner ? some study or exposure with little retention c) Adult beginner ? usually highly motivated & with some exposure d) Young beginner ? uncertain motivation but able to pick up language quickly e) Beginner w/o Roman alphabet: need lots of initial work on basic literacy & reading & writing practice Task 2 ? adapting approach to beginners a) Be aware of students needs b) Have clear & realistic aims; pace carefully c) Arrange the classroom, careful board work d) Choral repetition, ask lots of questions e) Be as visual as possible f) Lots of pair & group work g) Put weaker students with stronger students h) Repeat A/V work as much as necessary for understanding and comfort i) Keep it in English j) Be positive, sensitive and encouraging k) Explain methods f) Focus on easy, not difficult Task 3 ? Teaching Individual Students a) Less formal than class work, but use activities from course books
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Teach English in Daba Zhen, Wuwei Shi
After watching both the videos ,I feel lesson two was definitely more effective than lesson one for several reasons: First of all, lesson two was clearly more structured and well-prepared than lesson one
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Teach English in Dahonggou Zhen, Wuwei Shi
Class Demonstration 1: The good thing about this teacher?s classroom was the seating arrangement ? it allows his students to have eye-contact with him and the other students
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Teach English in DongdatAn XiAng, Wuwei Shi
This unit talks about Classroom Management, which is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline
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Teach English in Duoshi Zhen, Wuwei Shi
The unit covers the different methods of teaching English as a foreign language as well as highlighting ESA as the preferred method used for TEFL or TESL teaching
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Teach English in FAfang Zhen, Wuwei Shi
Unit 5 presents, Classroom Management, an essential skill since all beneficial classrooms require good discipline and rapport between the teacher and students
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Teach English in Fengle Zhen, Wuwei Shi
This unit is about teaching special groups, there are 5 major groups when teaching English, teaching beginners, teaching young learners, teaching individual students, teaching business English, and multilingual and monolingual classes
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Teach English in GAncheng XiAng, Wuwei Shi
This unit teaches us that each of the three tenses used in the teaching, Present, Past, Future have four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous
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