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Teach English in Anting Zhen, Shanghai Shi
Why take a TEFL courseCompleting a TEFL course for someone who is about to travel abroad and teach as a first time teacher is very important and in some ways essential to being a successful teacher
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Teach English in Beizhan Jiedao, Shanghai Shi
Integrated SkillsIt is common and often necessary for english teachers to distinguish the macro skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) and numerous related micro-skills, then design courses or lessons revolving around one separate skill depending on the student?s weakness, objective, specific need, or something entirely different such as the availability of time and resources, and even their personal inclination or forte in teaching
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Teach English in Caohejing Jiedao, Shanghai Shi
Multiple Intelligences for Open MindsHoward Gardner has provided the soft sciences with a remarkable revision of the conceptualization of intelligence as one single entity that is somehow measurable by any solitary standard
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Teach English in CaojiAdu Jiedao, Shanghai Shi
Establishing RapportIn the pursuit of facilitating student growth and development in the classroom, the question of ?how? to go about doing this often appears more illusive than it might seem
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Teach English in Caojing Zhen, Shanghai Shi
Problems for learners in South KoreaIn recent years the country of South Korean has made learning the english language one of the major curriculum requirements and goals in their education system
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Teach English in Caolu Zhen, Shanghai Shi
Motivating studentsIntroduction I this short research article I wish to highlight the methods and techniques teachers adopt in order to motivate adult students
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Teach English in Caoyang Xincun Jiedao, Shanghai Shi
Problems for learners in S KoreaThere are basic theories and methodologies that are applied all throughout the TESOL profession, and these go a long way to addressing the problems that students will face in learning english
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Teach English in Changfeng Xincun Jiedao, Shanghai Shi
Motivating studentsI will start of by asking ?what would or could motivate a student to be in my class in the 1st place instead of being at home watching TV or out for a drink?? There are countless possibilities for this of just a few I will mention which I find to be the most important
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Teach English in Changxing Zhen, Shanghai Shi
The plenty of lesson planning practice I received has been invaluable in giving me experience (I did not have any prior formal training in education) and increasing my confidence in teaching
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Teach English in Chedun Zhen, Shanghai Shi
Problems for learners in a country RussiaIn all my years I lived in Russia, I was able to pick up on many habits and difficulties in relation to Russians learning the english language
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