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english as a Global Language It is easy to see why; when Ethnologue lists 6,909 languages, there would be a need for a global language. It is also easy to see why, when you look back in history and through to the present day, english has become the ?de facto? language or the ?lingua franca? of the modern world. Through the spread of the British Empire, inventions, advances in science, technology and medicine, radio, television and computers, the english language became a global language ? some suggesting the spread to be a phenomenon. The world has opened up and the need for communication between people of different countries and continents has become essential, mainly for business, trade and tourism reasons. english is also the main language used in advertising, media, broadcasting, internet, information technology, aviation and diplomacy. More and more people are travelling so there are more and more tourists visiting faraway places. For some countries tourism has become the most important industry and the economy may be somewhat dependant on it. english will be required not just for visiting english speaking countries but also for non ? english speaking countries in order for travellers to communicate with locals and fellow travellers. english is definitely the language choice for global and international communication and relations. english is also the main or official language of 53 countries and the second language of many more, it is estimated that over 1 billion people speak at least some basic form of english. The demand for english education and teachers will be increasing all the time as other countries try to catch up and be a part of the wider world. TEFL can help by taking english farer and wider than before and giving more and more people the chance to learn, not just those in business and school. TEFL will also ensure that english is taught correctly and that the students learn to use a standard form of english which can be understood by everyone regardless of accent and native language. As the numbers of non ? native speakers far exceeds the number of native english speakers it will be very important to teach english correctly in order to preserve the language, though some say that it is inevitable that the english language will change and develop beyond recognition or that it will enter a fourth phase. It may even spawn a new language in some areas. The reasons for demand in english will remain to be different as the language has prevailed in many areas for example english is used as an international language by the European Union for meetings and publications. It is also an official language of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Church of England, NATO, NAFTA, OAS, OIC and PIF. A working knowledge of english is also increasingly required in many fields, occupations, professions, computing and medicines. In this respect it will be important to have knowledge of technical terms and to have a specific vocabulary, specialised courses may be required so demand for business english will increase. More people will be learning to speak english at a young age and will require courses which are specific to them. TEFL is very important as it understands that people have different reasons for learning and that they also have different needs and may wish to concentrate or improve in certain areas which they feel will benefit them. TEFL also provides business english courses to companies and individuals and courses to young people and adults. It is in demand on every continent as people desire to speak english, for example in Eastern Europe as new countries join or wish to join the European Union, In China as their global power increases and more countries wish to do business.