Teach English in Heihe Shi

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Teach English in ChangjiAng XiAng, Heihe Shi
I learned that pronunciation if often neglected due to lack of confidence and/or the ability to teach it (possibly also a feeling that it isn't necessary and it would be hard to teach as some teachers feel that there are too many exceptions and not enough standardised rules to help students)
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Teach English in DuobaoshAntongkuang, Heihe Shi
In this unit I leaned how to teach a receptive skills lesson When teaching a speaking or writing lesson, I must make sure that I get the students motivated to express themselves when speaking, and motivated to write as well
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Teach English in erlongshAn Nongchang, Heihe Shi
In this unit I learned about how to manage a classroom by being able to maintain discipline, get along with the students/have the students get along with each other, and keep attention of the class on the activities at hand
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Teach English in erzhan XiAng, Heihe Shi
This unit was tricky in that it combined a lot of knowledge learned in the previous lessons in order to show the kind of work needed to create a complete lesson plan
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Teach English in Fendou XiAng, Heihe Shi
Although it seems an easy and unimportant task, choosing the materials that will be used during lessons is very important, since depending on what you choose the lesson will evolve in one way or another
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Teach English in Heping Jiedao, Heihe Shi
All I have to say after going through this unit, is that an ESL teacher needs a great lesson plan to be able to teach all these tenses in class and in future time, without getting caught up in mistakes
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