Teach English in Haikou Shi

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Teach English in Binhai Jiedao, Haikou Shi
Although starting with a new group of students can be daunting, it is also a wonderful opportunity to establish rapport and get to know them as human beings
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Teach English in Boai Jiedao, Haikou Shi
The unit helped me to understand the difference between authentic materials (things used and prepared for general public use) verses non authentic materials, which have been prepared solely for use in the classroom
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Teach English in Chengxi Zhen, Haikou Shi
It is interesting to learn how important the arrangement of the classes are - personality type/student confidence wise, and how the different classroom layouts will make the students feel more/less intimate
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Teach English in Dapo Zhen, Haikou Shi
After reading the first unit \"Teachers and Learners,\" I learned a lot about the roles of the teacher and why it is important for educators to maintain a positive and caring environment where learners will feel comfortable,eager and motivated to learn a foreign language
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Teach English in Haixiu Jiedaoban, Haikou Shi
This unit covered the tenses, which in the English language has three basic forms - the past, the present, and the future, and with the four aspects (simple, perfect, continuous and perfect continuous), makes twelve tenses in total
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Teach English in Hongqi Zhen, Haikou Shi
This unit was a beast! There was so much information combined into one unit it could easily have been two or three! I appreciated that the lesson stressed the importance of teaching pronunciation and phonology as integral to the learning language process
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Teach English in Jinyu Jiedao, Haikou Shi
This unit talked about some cultural factors to consider when teaching in unfamiliar country in order avoid future problems,some factors to consider was highlighted in this unit
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