Teach English in Fuyang Shi

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Teach English in Bingji XiAng, Fuyang Shi
Similar to the last topic - I find this particularly interesting and relevant for some of my classes were I have some difficulties with students that have varying levels of English language ability
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Teach English in Chaiji Zhen, Fuyang Shi
This unit covered feedback and corrections, it covered the different approaches developed over many years in teaching English as a foreign language
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Teach English in Dahuang Zhen, Fuyang Shi
This unit brought together the previous units with practical application of the various things we've covered, such as Straight Arrow ESA & the various phases
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Teach English in DAnqiao Zhen, Fuyang Shi
Much like the system and structure of the present tense, this unit reminded (hah, past simple) me of usage and form of the English language that I have grown quite accustomed to
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Teach English in Dicheng Zhen, Fuyang Shi
This final unit is very informative and certainly useful to my future endeavors because occurring different problems is pretty common and normal in Teaching English Lesson career
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