Teach English in Chuzhuo Shi

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Teach English in Banta Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
Coursebooks and lessons materials taught to me to be creative in giving activities not just for activities but the materials that you were going to used in your classroom or your classes
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Teach English in Chahe Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
As I learn more and more of these minor details within the realm of teaching English, I am gaining more and more confidence in how the system works, and how to teach effectively
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Teach English in Dingcheng Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
This unit talks about some of the most common problems that we might encounter in our teaching career, and most importantly, it gives us suggestions on how to deal with these potential problems
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Teach English in Dongmen Jiedao, Chuzhuo Shi
During the study of this 'Managing classes' unit, I've familiarised myself with the various techniques for grouping students, and for which kind of activities each one works best for
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Teach English in DushAn Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
Conditionals is considered one of the most complicated grammar topics, because to use them we should bear in mind not only different types of conditionals, but also the usage of tense forms
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Teach English in erlangkou Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
This unit basically covers following topics: How to use eye contact, gesture and the voice; How to group students on what occasions; Classroom arrangement types and their pros/cons; What to do to reduce writing time on the board; Teacher talking time & student talking time; How to make our instructions more effective; Ways to establish rapport and to maintain discipline in the classroom
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Teach English in Fenghuang (ChuzhoushikAifAqu) Jiedao, Chuzhuo Shi
I'm glad to have been part of ITTT family for some months! This is the third course I'm taking by ITTT, and of course, I managed to form my opinion along the way! Always very straightforward material with some relevant tips about the real TESOL/TEFL world! Even though this unit is almost the same as the last one in the Young Learners course, the minor changes paid off! Thanks once again
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Teach English in Fucheng Zhen, Chuzhuo Shi
This unit brought out several things I had not considered before - such as how authentic materials might be overwhelming for beginning students, and that we should not use course books only, but should adapt, replace or supplement the material in the course books to best serve our particular group of students
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