Teach English in Fenghuang (ChuzhoushikAifAqu) Jiedao - Chuzhuo Shi

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I'm glad to have been part of ITTT family for some months! This is the third course I'm taking by ITTT, and of course, I managed to form my opinion along the way! Always very straightforward material with some relevant tips about the real TESOL/TEFL world! Even though this unit is almost the same as the last one in the Young Learners course, the minor changes paid off! Thanks once again.I have learned that we need to know this part of the English language to signal what happens when and then to know how to bring forth aspect to accompany our thinking aloud to others. i would say that this unit lends additional meaning to how we express ourselves. I can see that tense and aspect of how we communicate play a vital role in constructing meaning from and to others around us.