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TEFL Course in Las Vegas Nevada


“The Silver State” of Nevada is a great place if you are looking for splendid nature, exciting cities and rich history. All over the state’s five regions of Ely, Elko, Tonopah, Reno and Las Vegas, you can find scenic sites, first-class entertainment and urban escapes. If you come to Nevada for your TEFL/TESOL training course, you have the chance to spend a month in one of America’s most exciting locations.

The northern regions of Nevada are influenced by deserts and canyons and remind visitors of old Wild West movies. In fact, the area in the north of Nevada is also called “Cowboy Country” and it’s not hard to see why. Rent a mountain bike or hike the many trails of Red Rock Canyon and admire the beautiful red sandstone formations of the park. Every year in spring, there is a large event held at the park for rock climbing fans. Besides the wonderful canyons, the northern part of Nevada is also a major location for supernatural events. Especially route 375 is infamous for numerous accounts of extraterrestrial sightings.

Reno is a great example of a vibrant metropolis in Nevada. Especially the city’s art district is a popular destination for tourists as it features the famous Reno Arch statue. When you are in Reno, you shouldn’t miss walking around the riverfront of Truckee River where you can have some of the best fine dining experiences, as well as romantic picnics or simply afternoon strolls. The Reno Aces are a popular sports team that you should cheer for when in town and watch a game.

The city of Las Vegas is world famous for its countless over-the-top casinos and entertainment facilities. It is true that Las Vegas offers some of the best shows, concerts, live music venues, clubs and nightlife establishments in the world. However, even if you do not like gambling and trying your luck in the casinos, Las Vegas should still be on your travel list. The city features some of the best spa resort hotels in the country and has a spectacular fine dining scene. Adding to that the exceptional Broadway shows and performances that are available every day in the city, you will not get bored when in town. Outlet shopping centers are another reason why so many people visit Las Vegas each year. On top of that, the city also has a long history that is perfectly showcased in its museums and exhibition halls.

The state of Nevada offers a selection of high-quality educational institutions. Especially The University of Nevada and the College of Southern Nevada are among the most renowned schools in the region and are popular among American and international students. Our training center is committed to providing you with high-quality TEFL/TESOL training to give you the best possible preparation for your international teaching career.

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