Teach English in Zhangye Shi

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Teach English in Anyang XiAng, Zhangye Shi
While pronunciation is an integral part of the course, it is in fact the most neglected aspect of English language teaching, says the unit and sets out a broad overview and general guidelines on how to teach pronunciation, to be expanded on in the classroom and with further reading
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Teach English in Baiyin Mengguzu XiAng, Zhangye Shi
In this unit, I learned about points to bear in mind when teaching beginning EFL students, young children, individual students, and students who need business-oriented English or English for Specific Purposes (ESP), as well as some of the differences and commonalities between monolingual and multilingual classes
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Teach English in Banqiao Zhen, Zhangye Shi
I feel that Unit 19 is one of the most educational and pedagogical units of this TEFL and TESOL training course, as it really provides invaluable advices and tips to EFL teachers, on how to best manage their teaching to special groups and overcome the possible problems that may arise with each type of group
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Teach English in Chang'An Zhen, Zhangye Shi
The 3rd unit covers some main methods and techniques of teaching English language, like grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, task-based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, the silent way, suggestopaedia, the lexical approach
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Teach English in Damaying Zhen, Zhangye Shi
I think which method of teaching you use is based greatly on the audience (students age and environmental factors) as well as the area of the language that particular lesson is teaching
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Teach English in GAnjun Zhen, Zhangye Shi
Unit 12 - Teaching Productive Skills: speaking and writing (including games) A concise overview of the 12th unit: ? What is the difference between accuracy and fluency activities? ? Which is more important? ? Speaking activities in the classroom ? Encouraging students to speak ? Techniques to encourage interaction ? A typical free/creative speaking activity lesson ? Guidelines free/creative speaking activity ? Handwriting ? Spelling ? Layout and punctuation ? Creative writing ? A typical creative writing activity lesson ? Games in the classroom Speaking and writing ? communicate purpose
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Teach English in GAnsushengmianyang Yuzhongchang, Zhangye Shi
There are many types of beginners: Absolute Beginner false beginner adult beginner young beginner beginner without Roman alphabet tips for teaching beginners include: be aware of their needs have clear achievable goals give clear simple instructions use choral repetition use pair and group work ask lots of questions students speak English as much as possible don't use students mother tongue revise constantly homework is important pair weaker students with stronger students don't go too quickly play audio again if not understood
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Teach English in Heli Zhen, Zhangye Shi
In this unit we will examine modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in details as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses
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Teach English in Hongshui Zhen, Zhangye Shi
Theories, Methods, and Techniques Units three begins with the introduction of methodologies and techniques used when teaching a foreign language, it also shows how teaching methodologies have evolved over time and the pros and cons of each
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