Teach English in Huangcheng Zhen - Zhangye Shi

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Unit 19 Overview Teaching English as a second language for beginners is a challenging task for anyone and for me too. By learning in this unit how to teach English to beginners I feel more confident, more efficient and successful. First of all, I learned about different beginner categories like: Absolute beginners- This is the type of student who have no English at all. False beginner- This is the type of students who might have some experience learning it, but have not so much succeded. Perhaps, they can understand quickly and able to produce some simple language structures. Adult beginner- Can be highly motivated but no previous English. Young beginner- They learn quickly but have not much motivation. Beginner without basic Roman alphabet- This type of students knows nothing about the language. However, a lot of basic literacy skills would be taught, reading and writing practical activities would also be necessary. In the next section, I found helpful information about methodology and techniques necessary for effective group and individual teaching, as well as possible problems that we may encounter in this process. Especially with beginners is important to: 1. Dedicate plenty of time to each section. 2. Understand students need 3. Slowdown our talking speed 4. Use choral repetition 5. Demonstrate by using pairs 6. Revise and praise constantly, etc. These techniques can be used in one-to-one classes, business or children classes. Individual or one-to-one classes are not easy and often they deserve more attention in special material preparation, appropriate homework, motivation, etc To be successful in teaching one-to-one classes means finding out what can we use from your own bank of tools or talents and develop, change to suit each our new learner. When we work with young learners we have to understand that teaching this type of group completely differ from teaching adult learners in a number of ways; 1. Teaching young learners can pose a lot of challenges especially when it comes to attention and discipline. Young learners especially kids requires constant attention and consistency. 2. Teaching young learners have to be more of fun in order to keep them focused. 3. Young learners tend to learn new language more quickly just like the way they learned their native language. It would be helpful to always have some extra activities. 4. Teaching young learners requires a lot of virtual teaching aids as well as game play activities in order to keep the class fun and interesting. They tend to lose interest if lessons appear boring. Business English requires an increasing amount of English for Specific Purpose (ESP), but not always. And, there is quite a lot of information to be obtained before starting of the lessons. First, we have to know what the student needs are. A test would be given to the students to obtain their various language levels at the beginning of the course and to know if the goal of the student is achievable. However, it is necessary to obtain information from various individuals about the company and their line of business in order to know the kind of vocabulary that is required to communicate effectively. Convenient time of individual business student would also be noted. In conclusion we can say that no matter what type of class we teach, we have to enjoy our lessons, and then students will enjoy too. I took lots of pieces of advice from this unit, that I?m sure will help me in my job. For this I?m really grateful!