Teach English in Xiamen Shi

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Teach English in Dadeng Jiedao, Xiamen Shi
In Unit 6: Past Tenses, I learned about the different categories of past tense verbs: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous
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Teach English in Datong Jiedao, Xiamen Shi
I have learnt the structure of present tense sentences and how to teach it to students in a clear and concise manner; to hopefully avoid any \"typical student errors\"
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Teach English in HaicAng Nongchang, Xiamen Shi
This lesson was rather straightforward and encouraged us future educators to really start using the knowledge we have obtained thus far about the different teaching and learning phases in a practical manner
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Teach English in Huli Jiedao, Xiamen Shi
This unit covered the many possible difficulties that a EFL teacher may run into with their students from class sizes to nationalities and first lessons
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Teach English in Jimei Jiedao, Xiamen Shi
This final unit basically wraps up the key important things in every lesson: to make it fun and with variety, make sure all materials are in working order, limiting students' use of their L1 in the classroom, making sure to build rapport with students and making the classroom a safe environment for everyone to learn in
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Teach English in Lianqian Jiedao, Xiamen Shi
This was an excellent and timely unit to talk about the various ways to relay lessons to students and how they receive that information through reading and listening skills
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