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Teach English in Anren XiAng, Sanming
In this unit i have learned the different steps and phases i need to take and consider when teaching a new language and how i am suppose to understand the differences in the approach when presenting and providing the teaching material to the the student in a new language especially with its vocabulary, grammar and functionsLearning a language involves a lot of phases
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Teach English in Banmian Zhen, Sanming
This step is very important for teacher as well as the learners to teach and learn a new language which is the most important part for intercultural communication
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Teach English in Caoyuan Zhen, Sanming
In my view this is the most important unit, knowing how to start the lesson, how to prepare the student to absorb the subject, and what technique to use for a given student or group
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Teach English in Chengdong XiAng, Sanming
the content in this unit focuses on teaching students about new vocabulary as well as techniques that may help these students grasp the new unfamiliar vocabulary
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Teach English in ChengguAn XiAng, Sanming
Evaluation and testing is important at the beginning of the school year because , you can test the student's capability like their strength and weakness of the learner
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Teach English in CuijiAng Zhen, Sanming
From this unit, I have learned in details and well how to teach new languages to students, such as how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions etc
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