Teach English in Pingliang Shi

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Teach English in Ankou Zhen, Pingliang Shi
this module was really tricky due to the fact i have never studied pronunciation or phonology however it was really interesting and i feel like i have learnt a lot
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Teach English in Baili Zhen, Pingliang Shi
I have read this Unit and i understand many things from it, which will help me in the future about how to control my class and how to be grouping my students,I have leaned the disadvantages of whole-class grouping
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Teach English in Caofeng Zhen, Pingliang Shi
In this unit, I learned the different types of present tenses which are Present Simple (I eat), Present Continuous (I am eating), Present Perfect (I have eaten) and Present Perfect Continuous (I have been eating)
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Teach English in Caowu Zhen, Pingliang Shi
This unit of present tenses was a good refresher of memory although you speak english all the time, you never think of the different tenses you use while conversing
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