Teach English in Daqin XiAng - Pingliang Shi

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This unit was very beneficial! I am learning a lot about the tenses and how to teach them to others. The past perfect continuous is not used that often. I really enjoyed the sample activate stage teaching ideas. I plan to make memory cards to teach my students about irregular verbs.This lesson taught me what I needed to know when it comes to troubleshooting any issues I may have when it comes to teaching my future students. The warmer activities were helpful in terms of coming up with ways to get my students engaged when they may not necessarily feel up to it.This lesson was very challenging, but it was informative. I learned about the different perfect tenses and how the coincide. I learned about the tenses in the negative, affirmative, and question form. This lesson would come in handy and is a big refresher. The unit was well written.