Teach English in Huainan Shi

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Teach English in Ancheng Zhen, Huainan Shi
I have learnt so much from all these units that have helped me a lot and will make me a great teacher I hope! I learnt from this unit different problems I may face when teaching and how I can over come those difficulties
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Teach English in Chengbei XiAng, Huainan Shi
In this unit i gained some basic knowledge about teaching special groups such as, beginners,individuals and the right approach in teaching business English/English for specific purposes
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Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen, Huainan Shi
This is of course the other side of teaching as you will more than likely have mixed abilities in a group or be moving from an able student to one who is just beginning
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Teach English in Datong Jiedao, Huainan Shi
Being a graduate English major who took Linguistics and a History of the English Language class while in university, this unit was a good, brief review of much of what I learned in those two classes, and I now feel like I have had a good refresher of both
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Teach English in DongshAn Jiedao, Huainan Shi
a nice little unit, that gave me great insight into what to expect as far as resources that will be available to me when I start to teach, and also some great information on exactly where to go, if the more modern teaching aids are unavailable
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Teach English in GuAndian XiAng, Huainan Shi
hello, the unit is interested too, I have learned useful things and now I can make the difference between the four skills which are well explained in the last two units
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Teach English in Guiji Zhen, Huainan Shi
Central for this unit was the different means of expressing the future in English, in what different scenarios and with what meanings these might be used, as well as how to teach the different tenses effectively
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Teach English in Guqiao Zhen, Huainan Shi
I did learn from Unit 12 Teaching Productive skills are speaking and writing including games, what is the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, which is more important, speaking activities in the classroom, encouraging student to speak, techniques to encourage interaction, free creative speaking lesson and how importand is the writing skills
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Teach English in Huaibin Jiedao, Huainan Shi
This unit provides information on the most commonly used theories, methods and techniques used by teachers in promoting student engagement, learning, and retention
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Teach English in Jiahe Zhen, Huainan Shi
Evaluating students and testing is an important part to the students life giving them the right test and at the right time of the course is important
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Teach English in JiAogang XiAng, Huainan Shi
This unit covered the forms and usages of five main types of conditionals that are used in the English language (zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals)
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Teach English in Kongdian XiAng, Huainan Shi
This unit was a perfect end to this course and fairly simple as it covers all the things we have to do in order to overcome the most difficult problems faced by a teacher in a classroom during a lesson
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