Teach English in Huaibei Shi

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Teach English in Dong Jiedao, Huaibei Shi
It had been a while since I had done a lesson because I was busy but this lesson did a good job to re-orient myself with the TEFL teaching and went over various topics and potential examples of teaching language functions, grammar, and vocabulary
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Teach English in DongshAn Jiedao, Huaibei Shi
this unit had told me the different ways of evaluating students levels and progress such the definition of different tests like placement tests, progress tests which regularly to balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening which it will be useful for me to prepare the correct materials for my children and explain to them why do we have these tests
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Teach English in Gurao Zhen, Huaibei Shi
This unit covered the present tense and the four forms of present tense, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous
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Teach English in Linhaitong Jiedao, Huaibei Shi
This unit carefully outlines the ins and outs of managing a class room the unit covers topics on teachers gestures,voice and eye contact ,effective ways in dealing with discipline and arranging of the classroom for effective learning
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Teach English in Quyang, Huaibei Shi
In this unit, I was most excited about the methods that will help teachers not only manage their classrooms while there is a problem, but how to create a good rapport within the class will actually prevent having problems at all
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Teach English in Renminlu Jiedao, Huaibei Shi
Unit 5 explains how a good teacher can be in control and still manage a relaxed environment for students to learn if he/she learn to be clear, but use various styles of voice, gestures, and eye contact to build a good rapport with their students
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Teach English in SAndikou Jiedao, Huaibei Shi
in this unit I have learned the importance of course books and in which case the techer shoud create his own materials in order to replce or to give more detail and to attract the students
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