Teach English in Dingxi Shi

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Teach English in Chankou Zhen, Dingxi Shi
Unit \"Managing classes\" is a very useful unit for teachers, especially the way of using eyes, voice and gesture for reducing the unnecessarily use of talking
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Teach English in Da'An XiAng, Dingxi Shi
It is not an easy unit, The Future Tenses not an easy lesson to teach, the student usally have a lot of mistakes or errors, they usually confuse between \"be going to\" and the future simple
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Teach English in DacaotAn Zhen, Dingxi Shi
While watching the first video I've learned a lot of things from teachers mistakes, such as engage phase is very important and your classes effectiveness depends on this
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Teach English in GejiAcha Zhen, Dingxi Shi
this unit is more difficult than last 4 units, it takes more time and energy than others, but really useful, the pros and cons about grouping students, how to manage the class, especially eye contact, gesture, and arranging seats, give individual attention
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