Teach English in Daxing'anling Diqu

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Teach English in Tahe Zhen, Daxing'anling Diqu
Unit 4 Present Tenses Things that I've learnt in this unit are: There are three times in English past, present and future and each time has four different aspects simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous
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Teach English in Xilinji Zhen, Daxing'anling Diqu
In Unit 3, I learned about the main theories, methods, and techniques related to EFL teaching including the most effective way to structure a lesson--through Engage, Study, Activate--as well as various instructional activities to motivate learners, and the best way to provide feedback to the students
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Teach English in Yixiken XiAng, Daxing'anling Diqu
Working outside of your country will place you into a new environment and with that said, we should learn about that environment as much as possible before embarking upon it so we understand cultural differences and are ready to handle the classroom space without offending anyone
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