Teach English in Chizhou Shi

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Teach English in Dayan XiAng, Chizhou Shi
This unit explores various aspects of classroom management, topics covered including classroom arrangement, establishing rapport with my students and how to use my voice, eyes and other body language gestures effectively
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Teach English in Dongliu Zhen, Chizhou Shi
When teaching a new language its important to be aware of each stage of the class and what activities take place during the engage, study and activate stages if using the straight arrow, boomerang or patchwork ESA methods, making sure the new words/language structures are approached with the right criteria
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Teach English in GuAngang Zhen, Chizhou Shi
In the section, we have learded about conditional speech and indirect/reported speech, how do the changes of grammar among these two, it's very important for teachers to know it very well while teaching
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Teach English in Hengdu Zhen, Chizhou Shi
It is true that too much planning can make lessons rather rigid and stop the teacher being flexible to the needs of the students but actually its difficult for inexperience teachers to be able to be as flexible as this would require
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Teach English in Lingyang Zhen, Chizhou Shi
Unit 20 contains useful information on how to introduce activities that will stimulate interest,build rapport, and meet the needs of the learners, while at the same time allowing the teacher an opportunity to gauge the students' level of comprehension, particular interests, and needs
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