Teach English in Bengbu Shi

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Teach English in WeizhuAng Zhen, Bengbu Shi
As aggravating as it can be for students and some teachers, evaluation tests are in fact a helpful tool to indicate a variety of information about the students
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Teach English in Wuqiao Zhen, Bengbu Shi
This unit is focused on common problem situation that teachers encounter in the classroom such as: how to teach the first lesson, how to teach a group where the students are at varying levels, how to manage a large class (30-100 students), how to teach students who don't seem to want to participate in class, or if they have difficulties with listening texts
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Teach English in XiaoxiZhen, Bengbu Shi
The tenses are somewhat confusing at this stage, and will need more practice to instill the forms, usages and ideal activities to get the lessons across
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Teach English in Xinmaqiao Zhen, Bengbu Shi
Unit 2 is about parts of speech such as: Nouns (main types, plural form, countable and uncountable nouns), Adjectives (comparisons such as comparative adn superlative forms), Articles (definite, indefinite, zero), Verbs (which are divided into transitive and intrasitive groups, infinitives, verb forms, auxiliary forms), Adverbs (main types manner, place and etc
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Teach English in Xuwei XiAng, Bengbu Shi
The topic of books and materials was covered in this unit, discussing the potential benefits and hazards of using authentic and created materials in a classroom setting and some tips for how best to apply these resources
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Teach English in ZhAnggongshAn Jiedao, Bengbu Shi
In this Unit, I learnt about all different methodology,mistakes and feedback,Including grammar translation,audio-lingualism,PPP,task based learning,communicative language teaching and communicative language learning ,the silent way,suggestopaedia
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Teach English in Zhuding Zhen, Bengbu Shi
This unit focused on how to choose what vocabulary to use, and this was useful because I?m used to learning vocab out of a set book, but usefulness of different words varies for different cultures
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