Teach English in ZhAnggongshAn Jiedao - Bengbu Shi

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In this Unit, I learnt about all different methodology,mistakes and feedback,Including grammar translation,audio-lingualism,PPP,task based learning,communicative language teaching and communicative language learning ,the silent way,suggestopaedia.And the relationships between engage,study and activate.At the part of ideas for engage phase,there are 20 ways to show to the students .This is an useful lesson and I REALLY like it.Unit Three offered a large variety of teaching techniques and methods. Although there was a lot of information given in Unit 3, I specifically liked how it brought the focus to the ESA method. After reading lots of different techniques, it was helpful to have this unit describe a place to begin with. The video also offered unique information( specifically) history about each of the methods that where not mentioned in the text.