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Teach English in MujiAyu Zhen, Beijing
Being a native english speakers and knowing how to speak since we were children I would say that most of us don?t really know much about the structure or reason why grammar is the way it is
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Teach English in Mulin Zhen, Beijing
English as a global_languageThinking of English in a perespective of a?global language? we need to first explain what exactly a ?global language?is
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Teach English in NiulanshAn Diqu, Beijing
Problems for French Cameroonians in learning EnglishIn this paper, I will examine some of the challenges that French speaking Cameroonians are faced with when learning English
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Teach English in Pingfang Diqu, Beijing
Apart from wanting to learn how to teach and to know more about the english language I chose to do this course for two reasons , I wanted to learn how to use a computer and I wanted to decide whether or not teaching was for me
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Teach English in PuwA XiAng, Beijing
Being non native english speaker, I ?ve learned , first of all, a wide range of specific english patterns, aspects and peculiarities of the language which had never been learned before
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Teach English in Qianmen Jiedao, Beijing
I have gained an appreciation of how difficult it is to learn english given the anomalies in rules, pronunciation, levels of students, and differing circumstances of teaching
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Teach English in Qiaozi Zhen, Beijing
Being native english speakers we have learned a great deal about the english language and its structures which had either been forgotten by many nationalities or never learned prior, yet most of all we have learned various teaching skills, which we believe can be applied to all areas of expertise in the future and not just restricted to teaching english
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