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Typical TEFL teacher salary

7,000 - 10,000 RMB monthly (varies widely from region to region)

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The Country

There are many opportunities available for teaching English in China. Throughout the year there are not enough teachers to fill the teaching jobs that are available all over the country. TEFL/TESOL qualified teachers are able to choose any part of China they wish to teach in as jobs are available throughout the country in both private and state sectors. Income and costs can vary considerably between regions. However, over the past five years China has quickly developed, therefore English teachers in China can often find that their standard of living is similar to other Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan. A newly qualified TEFL/TESOL teacher should find living and working in China’s constantly changing environment both stimulating and satisfying. A university degree is generally necessary to obtain a work visa and most positions can be agreed before you arrive in the country.

Travel and food in restaurants is generally cheap in China, as is the general cost of living. TEFL/TESOL teachers can also organise their own private lessons and teach extra hours if they wish, which gives the opportunity to earn extra money.

Please note that there are some employment agencies that will offer to provide you with contracts and work visas without approval. Ensure you check and check again all paperwork given to you by the agency, request to speak to previous clients and investigate the agency on the web looking for feedback and forums. As long as you do plenty of research you should find that China is generally a great location to work.


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Sample Job offer for teaching English in China

"1. One year contract, 20.5 hours per week, available to TEFL qualified English teachers interested in teaching young learners, teenagers and adults. Any teaching hours served over the contracted 20.5 hours a week are classed as overtime and paid as such.

The basic salary is 8800 RMB ($1,164) with a bonus for overtime and an additional basic salary for extra qualifications and experience. Health insurance, contract completion bonus, travel allowance and support finding accommodation are included benefits. Holiday allowance per year is 22 days paid and 7 days unpaid.

2. A one year contract available for native English speakers particularly from the USA, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or Canada, but also from all other native English speaking countries. All applicants must have a university degree and an accepted TEFL certificate.

Teaching time is 72 hours per month (less than 20 hours per week), teaching English to adults and teenagers. The salary is between 6,600 RMB and 9,000 RMB ($880 - $1200) which is dependent on experience and qualifications.

Benefits include health insurance, reimbursement of your airfare, contract completion bonus and subsidised accommodation (1,250 – 1,500 RMB, $175 - $200). Holiday entitlement per year is 22 days."