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In this unit we got to learn in detail about EFL methodologies. The variour methods and techniques of teaching has helped us understand as to distinguish some best and ideal methods of teaching. Among
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This unit explains in great detail all the known methods of teaching English to foreign speaking students of differing levels. There have been debates over the years as to which method produces the be
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I now am able to identify the numerous roles a teacher assumes in the classes, and how each one affects the students ability to learn the content. I now am able to identify the numerous roles a teach
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It's a good exposition of teacher roles and how to each role can be employed in the classroom. There are good descriptions of student motivations and how to meet students at their needs, as a teacher
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It is important for a teacher to be patient, kind, encouraging, entertaining and knowledgeable when it comes to teaching students English. Of course, there are other qualities that a teacher should al
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In this unit we read about different theories and methods of teaching. We learned about the different phases of a lesson. I found this unit interesting. I liked the section on corrections because I
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From this unit I have learnt that English grammar contains a lot of parts of speech. Every sentence consists of words which have their own places in English grammar. The teacher needs to know and unde
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Saint John
This unit was all bout grammar and the different parts of speech. It took multiple sentences and broke them down. The lesson broke down in detail the different parts of a sentence. This section was ve
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