Take a TEFL/TESOL Course in Indonesia
Our 4-week, in-class TEFL/TESOL course is located in Surabaya
If you like warm weather, world-class beaches, exotic wildlife, and great food, you will love Indonesia. More info
Welcome to the Ring of Fire
Our training center in Indonesia is located on the exotic island of Java
During your stay on the island you can explore all the region’s many attractions, including the spectacular volcanoes and national parks that form part of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’! More info
You Can Teach English in Asia
Indonesia is only one of many booming TEFL destinations across Asia
Our guide to the 8 best countries in Asia for teaching English abroad is packed full of ideas to make sure you make the right choice to suit your situation. More info

Gallery Surabaya

Our Surabaya Teacher Trainer

Experienced teacher trainers will help you achieve your goal of becoming a competent teacher.

Trainee is practicing with ESL students

Only here you get the opportunity to practice with real ESL students.

Our Surabaya Training Center Location

Surabaya is very close to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Surabaya Temples

Surabaya has a collection of temples our trainees should visit.

Exploring Surabaya

Our trainees explore the island in their free time.

One-to-one projects with ESL students

Every trainee is assigned one-to-one study projects with local students to gain experience.

Outdoor Classroom Surabaya

At our training center in Surabaya, you have the chance to teach outside.

With years of experience in ESL

All our teacher trainers are certified and experienced teachers.

All trainees leave well prepared for their teaching career

We help every trainee find employment after successfully completing the course.

Small trainee groups for maximum progress

All our trainee groups are small in size to ensure a quick and gradual learning progress for all...

Gain teaching experience with real ESL students

Every TEFL/TESOL trainee has the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience with real local...

Delicious Balinese dishes

Our trainees experience Balinese life.

Our training involves in-depth discussions with trainers and trainees

Trainees receive personal assistance throughout the entire course.

Gain teaching experience with real ESL students

Every TEFL/TESOL trainee has the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience with real local...

Teach ESL students in an interactive manner

Learn how to maximize your students learning progress.

Ancient stone structures in Indonesia

Surabaya features local Balinese architecture and has a lot of attractions.

Trainer and trainee discussing progress

Our trainers will provide regular feedback and advice on your course progress.

Two happy teacher trainers

Professional teacher trainers and teacher assistants

Our ESL students are eager to learn

Teaching young learners is a lot of fun.

Teach real ESL classes at the center

Balinese students at our training center 

Join in on the fun

You, too, can be one of the happy trainees in Bali.

Come to Surabaya and become a teacher

Just like this happy TEFL/TEOSL graduate

Useful teaching tips from our trainers

At our training center, we gradually build upon new teaching units to quickly increase your...

Teaching methods learned in previous study sessions

 Use your new-learned teaching skills with local ESL students.

ESL students and teachers

A happy teacher makes for a happy learning environment.

Leisure activities at Surabaya Center

Our trainees have the opportunity to go on trips on weekends.

Study in our beautiful center terrace

What better way to learn than surrounded by nature?