Teach English in Zhongzhou Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit provides with important topics that relate to the use of materials and course books that can be used in the classroom to meet the students' language needs. It also explains the differences between authentic and created materials and how to integrate both materials into a course book lesson. Some of the classroom materials that are very helpful to teach a lesson are wipe boards, dictionaries, visual aids, videos, CDs, and worksheets; I learned very important tips to consider when using those classroom materials. In addition, the teacher, to reinforce topics that students need more practice with or to replace irrelevant material from the course book, designs created materials. Some examples of created materials are: flashcards, words search puzzles, picture stories, and role-play cards. On the other hand, authentic materials are created outside of the classroom, in real life situations. Newspapers, menus, songs, and magazines are examples of authentic materials, but we need to be careful when incorporating these materials into a lesson because they are not level based, so we will have to suit it to the students' level. As for course books, I learned that it is not recommended to use and relay on them at all time; we can omit, replace, supplement and adapt any of the materials from the lessons or inclusive, skip a whole lesson that is not relevant and beneficial to the students.