Teach English in ZhaoqinggAoxinjishuchanye KAifAqu - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit detailed how to effectively use common teaching tools, like visual aids, beginning with using a board. It mentions board plans should be written out on a piece of paper with concern for things like spacing, neatness, and clarity. The board is multi-purpose and should be used interactively throughout the lesson to distill the most essential points that students need to understand. An interactive board can achieve an even smoother lesson or more engaging class activity, but also takes more planning to execute. Another way to emphasize important lesson points is to use an overhead projector, or visual aids like flashcards, photographs, or objects. Work sheets and work cards are great for use in memory games, drilling, and other study activities, while a cassette recorder or CD player can be useful to play and replay dialogues as examples for listening activities in class, whereas a video camera or recording device is best used as a tool for students to record themselves speaking or acting, as they will see their own progress and see what they need to improve on for themselves. Dictionaries and resource books, course books, and online materials all can be classroom resources to supplement lessons and pique interest. Computers also allow for interactive or flexible audio-visual-based learning, from podcasts to connecting with English-speakers online, or even long-distance learning.