Teach English in Yong'An Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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Unit 1 discusses common qualities found among ?good? teachers and ?good? learners. There are several roles that the teacher may assume while in the classroom and each role serves a purpose. A ?good? teacher will be able to transition from one role to another, depending on the activity. In addition to these roles, a ?good? teacher will be able to foster ?good? learners by considering different factors, such as age, motivation, culture, learning experience, and language level. Perhaps the two most important factors to consider when teaching are the age and the language level of the students. Learners are categorized by age as ?young? or ?adult.? Among the young learners, there is a further breakdown into 3 categories: adolescent (13+), prepubescent (8-12), and very young (7 or less). In addition to age, language level is divided into 6 categories, ranging from basic to advanced. Motivation and culture are also important to keep in mind when teaching, as these will affect different students in different ways. Although I was aware of different levels of language ability from my own language studies, I was glad to learn about the specifics of the Common European Framework. Thinking about the learning needs of a B2 (?intermediate?) versus a C1 (?upper intermediate?) student was especially helpful to me.