Teach English in ShApu Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit helped to address some common problems teachers may have with students. For example: how to handle students who may resort to their native language. Some ideas to help teachers to help students avoid from doing this: activities should be appropriate to their level so that they can communicate the ideas in their level of English, make sure instructions are clear so other students don't have to share or explain to their peers in their mother tongue, encourage them to use English as often as possible and reinforce it. As the first lesson is usually the most challenging it helps to know about your students. Is the group new or existing? New groups won't know their peers and they are not familiar with the EFL methodology. Classes are new to them. Existing groups will be familiar with the peers and know how the class may operate from and EFL standpoint. A good teacher will not depend on the book for the first lesson but incorporate some activities that encourage rapport among students and teachers and helps to set the tone for the rest of the class. Oftentimes teachers may have to teach reluctant students. In this case, it helps to incorporate lots of pair work so students work together with others as often as possible. Role plays and a tape recorder will also help encourage reluctant students. They can take on a different role and even listen to themselves on a recording.